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  Since Korea's national annual income marked over 20,000 US dollars and reached that of advanced countries, investment-friendly environment has been needed for science and technology, heading to 40,000 US dollars.

  Accordingly, Gyeonggi-do is holding GRRC(Gyeonggi-do Regional Research Center) project to improve science and technology.

  This is an industry/government/school cooperative project, undertaken by universities and research institutions of science and engineering, and covers selected industries which are in need of policy development, thereby helps research on natural/application technology as well as regional industries.

  As it is carried out successfully, regional specialized industry would be intensively fostered with a linkage to Gyeonggi-do's main industry and excellent research resources. Small businesses in Gyeonggi-do would become competitive through getting transferred industry-related technology.

  For this ultimate goal, research centers held meetings for research papers, exhibitions of newly released products, and a number of other events for sharing information. More information of events will be posted on our web site, hoping it to be an active network for sharing tech-information between research experts, thereby step forward to business-friendly Gyeonggi-do.

  We truly appreciate your support and attention on leading-technology GRRC.

Aug. 2011

  Yong Jin Kwon/ Chief Director of GRRC Association.